Saturday, November 1, 2014

A list of the top 10 most unreliable cars

     Among the many factors that you consider when car shopping, surely how long the car may or should last, is at or near the top of the list. Choose a model with a below average rating, and the more likely you are to have problems. There are more than a few cars that certainly have the potential to steer you down that dark, and more than likely expensive, road.

     According to the latest Consumer Reports Annual Auto Survey, with data collected from more than 1 million vehicles across about 10 model years provides a pretty good insight into which models will hold together better, and which ones won't. While a lot of cars have a promising outlook, several cars don't have quite as bright of a history.

     However, a model's below average rating doesn't mean that every single car of that model will suffer the same issues, assuming you don't own a Suzuki Forenza. Rather, it just points to cars that have a track record of giving their owners greater issues. With that being said, here is the list according to Consumer Reports:

10. Fiat 500L  Common issues: Navigation system, backup camera/sensor, radio, rough shifting transmission

9. Jeep Cherokee (4 cyl. model) Common issues: Bluetooth pairing, radio, rough shifting transmission

8. Ford Fiesta  Common issues: Rough shifting and slipping transmission

7. Nissan Pathfinder Common issues: Transmission replacement, torque converter, slipping transmission, liftgate, windows

6. M-B CLA 250 Common issues: Audio system, squeaks

5. Chevrolet Cruze (1.4T model) Common issues: Drive shaft/axle

4. Dodge Dart (1.4T model) Common issues: Rough shifting, transmission computer, oxygen sensors, stalling/hesitation

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee (Diesel model) Common issues: Fuel system issues like check engine light and emission controls, navigation

2. Infiniti Q50 Common issues: Navigation, video screen, integrated controls, Bluetooth, power steering

1. M-B S-Class Common issues: Windows, active suspension

To find out more about the list, and for an in-depth look at the models and their reported issues, head over to the Consumer Reports website.


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