Monday, November 10, 2014

October's 10 Best-Selling vehicles

     Some of the world's largest automakers didn't seem concerned with the record amount of recalls, and neither did customers. All told, sales grew almost 6% during the month of October, and an a per annual basis, sales should reach 16 million vehicles globally.

     As for the top 10 best selling vehicles of the month, few surprises are in store, but recent updates and refreshes to several models might, just maybe, leave you surprised. This list comes courtesy of's Kicking Tires blog.

10. Honda Civic: A close to 12% decline in sales to 24,154 units compared to last October has put the little Honda in last place. While competition has been updated or refreshed, the Civic is still trying to hold on with its 2014 refresh.

9. Chevrolet Cruze: Though it seems to be very much the same Cruze from last year, Chevy has made a couple of tweaks to the car for the 2015 model year, and the results appear to have had quite an impact on sales. Compared to last October, sales of the Cruze jumped an astounding 51%, to put the Cruze at 232,403 units sold thus far, to give it a year over year increase of almost 10%.

8. Ford Escape: Despite hardly any change for the 2015 model year, Ford's popular SUV gained 12% to give it a boost to 24,919 units sold for the month. That puts it year to date sales at 255,081 vehicles sold since January, which is an almost 2% gain. Numbers that are impressive, given that the Escape is starting to show its age against certain competition.

7. Toyota Corolla: Toyota's trusty Corolla has seemed to be getting off to a somewhat slow start. Sales of the compact hit 24,959 units for the month, which puts it at 283,764 cars sold for the year.

6. Honda Accord: The Accord has been on quite a winning streak this year, outselling the consumer favorite Toyota Camry at one point, and even the Chevrolet Silverado. Sales slowed for October however, to 27,128 units, good for a 7.8% gain. The car is up 7.9% to 331,510 units sold thus far.

5. Honda CR-V: With the refreshed model hitting dealer lots now, the CR-V is seeing some reignited consumer interest. October sales spiked almost 30% to 29,257 units sold. The crossover has moved 270,272 models since January, giving it a 7.4% jump year over year.

4. Toyota Camry: America's favorite midsize family sedan has gotten a refresh for the 2015 model year, to help shed its old, boring image. Now hitting dealer stock, the Camry sold 33,164 cars, good for an almost 14% gain year over year. To date, sales of the Camry are 368,142 or a 5.7% jump year over year.

3. Ram Pickups: To say that Ram Trucks have been on fire from start to finish this year would be an understatement. The streak continued through October as sales hit 39,834 trucks sold, which is good for a massive 33.5% spike over last year. The lineup, including heavy-duty trucks, stands at an impressive 359,702 units sold since January, or a 22.9% leap over this time last year.

2. Chevrolet Silverado: After a scary slow start to the refreshed pickup, the throttle got hammered down for last month, to end sales at 46,966 pickups sold, which represents a 10% gain over last October. Thus far, Chevy has managed to sell 429,119 units, leaving the Silverado 6.4% in the green for the year.

1. Ford F-Series: As Ford is gearing up to start the transition to the 2015 F-150, the company has seen a slowing in sales, and the streak continued in October. Sales slowed to 63,410 units for the month, or a 0.6% fall. To date, Ford has only sold 620,447 trucks, which stands for a 0.5% loss year over year.

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